Before becoming a reality, the essence of Devoniq – divine sound – accompanied our founder along a path of immense struggle. As a boy he was forced to flee from a war torn country in which he lost his father. In his new homeland he spent more time in dark back alleys than at home. His life was heading in the wrong direction. 


The turning point was a tragic event in which he as a teenager got badly injured in the streets of Amsterdam. His grandfather then stepped in, took the young man off the streets and pushed him to develop his then unexplored technical skills.

As his life started to come together, In Sweden he found love and founded a tech-company where he managed to land contracts with some of the world's largest IT companies. His trials however were far from over.


At the age of only 26, he was diagnosed with cancer which forced him out of business and into economic misery. Once again he was left with nothing but the music which had always allowed him to escape the harsh reality he faced and enter a safe haven of peace and timelessness.


Looking for a meaning to his tribulations, he traveled back to his home country and in his hometown he made a pledge. He swore to fight his way back up and to honor those who never stopped believing in him through sharing with others what had kept him afloat during the tough years – rhythm and music.


This is Devoniq. 


All Devoniq audio equipment is intended to be a symbol of how the natural power of music inspires us to overcome the obstacles in our lives. Allow yourself to be inspired.


When our team of music lovers took on the challenge of producing the best possible, affordable, sound quality and comfort in a wireless format, the result was pure magic. We have now launched our wireless bluetooth headphones...




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